Why Vidafye?

Video is the most effective way to transmit information 

  1. It’s time-efficient: meaning in just 30-60 seconds, you can deliver tons of information.

  2. Video is the cheapest marketing tool you may think of. You can easily make a video ad using your cell phone, tablet, etc.

  3. A video ad doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, on the contrary – video is the cheapest marketing tool you may think of.

  4. Video is the best way to showcase your business or to sell that unwanted item.

  5. Users prefer to click on video rather than pictures, because video is more engaging and it appeals to several human senses at the same time.

  6. Video allows real-time interaction and feedback. People who watch videos absolutely love to comment and ask questions. 

  7. Comments, questions and user interaction attracts even more visitors, increasing views.

You're now part of the team, start using the power of video on Vidafye!!!