Tender Loving Cats, Inc.

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Tender Loving Cats, Inc.
**Laurel turns 1 year old on 11/21/2019. Let's get her home for the Holidays**
Does Laurel look the part of your loving feline companion? She even has the heart shape on her chin to prove it! Laurel is a social, easygoing, gentle 1 year old female kitty looking for a forever home. She greets her foster mom and strangers at the door and loves to just hang out in the same space as everyone in the home. She is very relaxed in a home setting and not a skittish at all. She will go out of her way to lie in the kitchen archway just to feel closer to everyone when they are cooking and cleaning, but doesn’t feel the need to be all up in everyone’s business. She is extremely gentle and tolerant with everyone she meets.
She loves to run and chase and will crack you up with her silly antics. Laurel will peer around corners until she is spotted, when she romps away trilling and pretends to hide until you start the game all over again. In the evenings she will curl up in your lap and purr away contently.
She is currently placed with a temporary foster because she was so very depressed when we placed her in a cage at our adoption center. Laurel would fine with other cats if properly introduced and great with children. Though she hasn’t had experience with dogs, her foster thinks her playful, social, and gentle nature would make her a great companion to a canine with proper introduction. Laurel was found on the streets, scared and pregnant at 6 months old. By the time she was spayed, vetted, and ready for adoption she had outgrown the cute kitten phase. Please don’t let that be a reason you overlook this great black and white girl! She would make an awesome addition to your family!
To fill out an adoption application: https://www.tenderlovingcats.org/adoption-application.html
Once your application is approved you can meet Laurel in her foster home.

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