2021 Kawasaki Z900 rs

  • Posted on: 2021-01-16 12:21:00
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Item Description

Must see this brand new 2021 Kawasaki  Z900rs

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Power & Performance

  • THE PERFECT BALANCE: The combination of a lightweight trellis frame and powerful engine allows the Z900RS motorcycle to achieve a superb balance of power and handling.
  • SMOOTH & POWERFUL: The powerful inline four delivers strong acceleration and silky-smooth performance for cruising at higher rpm.
  • TUNED EXHAUST NOTE: Tuned to deliver a satisfying rumble during engine start and idling
  • COMFORTABLE FOR LONG RIDES: Seat is well cushioned and comfortable for extended highway cruising and enhanced road bump absorption.

Retro Styling

  • AUTHENTIC Z1 STYLING: The Z900RS motorcycle is the ultimate retro-sport Z that offers modern running gear and classic styling.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Double-walled headers, integrated connections and short megaphone silencer—all treated to a buffed finish highlight the Z900RS motorcycle’s retro-sport image.
  • MODERN & BRIGHT: A round LED headlight and oval surface-emitting LED taillight pay homage to the original Z1 motorcycle with a blend of retro and modern designs.
  • HIGH-GRADE & VINTAGE: The high-tech multi-function LCD screen nestles between bullet-shape analogue dials, creating a balance of retro style and modern functionality.
  • CLASSIC SPOKE STYLE: A classic look with machining on the spokes and rim plus high-quality paint demonstrates superb craftsmanship.

Rider Experience

  • AUTHENTIC RIDING EXPERIENCE: Retro design meets modern technology and performance for superb riding comfort around town and on the highway.
  • STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY: The modern lightweight trellis frame provides strength to harness the inline 4-cylinder power and balanced flex to achieve responsive and agile handling.
  • EASY RIDING: A relaxed upright riding position accommodates both comfortable cruising and sporty riding. A low seat height allows an easy reach to the ground while an upright handlebar position adds leverage for cornering and low-speed maneuvering.
  • RELIABLE & MODERN: Powerful braking performance featuring a firm, progressive feel is helped by modern radial-mount calipers and a radial-pump brake master cylinder. A compact and lightweight Nissin motorcycle ABS unit helps reduce wheel lock-up under certain conditions.
  • COMFORTABLE & RESPONSIVE: A fully adjustable 41mm inverted front fork and a horizontal back-link rear suspension offer progressive damping that delivers both ride comfort and sporty performance.