Wicked Motorsports Billet performance on board thermostat O-ring heads

  • Posted on: 2020-02-06 09:11:00
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Item Description

Wicked Motorsports ATV Inc.
Wicked Motorsports Billet performance on board thermostat O-ring heads. With 20 years of designing, testing and building for our own bikes and customer builds. Has Helped us at Wicked Motorsports to designs and manufacture the most advanced billet heads in the industry. We’ve learned High flow Water pump impellers are somewhat of a myth. It’s not about drag racing your coolant past your radiator as fast as possible. It’s about controlling the flow of coolant to allow your radiator to do its job. To withdraw the heat transfer threw the radiator coolant veins and maintain a controlled temperature. Also your 2-stroke needs a specific temperature to maintain and to achieve its optimal performance. Cold is no good and too hot is too late.
Same billet heads are being already put to the abuse and tortured on the Road/Race RZ350 hybrids. So We’ve clashed both oil breathing monsters to create and build the most advanced billet Banshee and RZ heads in both Industries.

We now offer 5 variation of head combinations. So you don’t have to build your engine around the head. The head is built and custom machined for your bikes need .
Message/DM us your combination and bike for accurate build pricing.
Starting price $359.99
They come complete with all hardware and custom machined domes for any stroker/bore variation. Custom colors can be requested for additional cost.

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